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Tracking Options

After the initial first steps we discussed in our last blog, you should start considering what tracking options would best suit your application. Our unique line of retractable structures offers versatility, strength, and a vast ocean of options other companies are unable to accommodate. These structures can be used for many different applications, in any industry from agriculture, to pre-cast concrete, to aircraft hangars, and even simply just extra space for either indoor or outdoor warehouses.

The first points to consider when deciding which tracking are best for your project is: What is the surface your structure will be installed upon, and what is the surrounding area like?

Below are our tracking solutions:

Standard Ground Tracks with Anchor Bolts:

This style of track can be modified to either have tabs for the anchor bolts on the exterior of the tracks or on the inside under the wind brackets. This gives you more than one option on how to fix the tracks to your desired surface. This feature is useful when limited space is a factor. The standard ground track model can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Ground Tracks into Concrete:

These tracks offer a unique feature for your retractable structure, whether it is indoors or outdoors. This model can be installed and set into the concrete to be level with your surface. When your structure is going in an active work area, this track has the strength to be driven over with vehicles such as trucks and forklifts without causing damage to the tracks while your structure may be retracted and not in use.

Special Elevated Track with HEA Beam:

Typically this solution is best suited for outdoor applications, in areas where you will experience a lot of dust or debris. It is important to always keep the tracks clean in these harsh environments. With this model it not only keeps the track protected above the ground but has a custom encased wind bracket to keep the wheels clean, and deter any build up from occurring.

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