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First steps in building your fabric structure

I have been a sales manager in this industry for the past 3 years I have received a plethora of various inquiries. Along with these inquiries there is a ton of information that needs to be precisely gathered to accommodate each individual customer's needs. Our main product that separates us from other temporary building companies is our retractable structure systems. More than likely you would think the first thing we would need to know is a size idea, or a surface possibly for your structure. However that is not the case. To get you to the right solution for your project we first need to know what you are going to be using this warehouse or structure for. And this is why...

It is important to know what you are doing underneath your structure, because it will help us help you! Here are some tips to think of before hand:

  1. How many times will you be retracting and/or expanding the structure? Will it be a few times month, or twice a week, or more of a daily basis? This will determine what our engineers will suggest as far as reinforcing PVC areas where the folding takes place.

  2. What are you doing underneath your structure? Will you be planting Goji berry trees, or curing concrete, or maybe you just need additional space for warehouse storage, etc? This is an important aspect. For example a structure being used for agriculture may require different tracking systems than a structure that is being used in an urban industrial area. Where you may not have as much dirt, dust and debris.

  3. Do you require your structure to be indoors or outdoors? Typically most people are interested in an outdoor structure, which will require wind and snow load ratings. These outdoor structures will be made of galvanized steel to support 100 mph wind load ratings and 30lb per square foot of snow. On the other hand if you require an indoor structure they usually do not require any load ratings. In that case we can customize the frame, and make it out of aluminum which is much lighter and saves on costs.

More tips to come...

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