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Links - Advanced Custom Engineered Fabric Structures - NY, USA

A.C.E.. Structures is the exclusive distributor of Kopron® products in the United States and is managed by Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), a separate entity specializing in a wide range of polypropylene and pvc products. For additional information about A.C.T. related products & services please visit, specialists in manufacture, rental, sales, repairs & cleaning of a wide range of corporate event equipment and accessories including tents, inflatable structures, custom enclosures, tarps, awnings crash pads & more.

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Ace Vinyl Products ( ), a sister company of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), specializes in a range of engineered vinyl products such as tarps, custom enclosures, covers and awnings.

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ACE Inflatable Structures (, a Division of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), specializes in illuminated inflatable buildings in the shape of domes, squares, rectangles, shells as well as custom shaped inflatable structures ideal for maximizing exposure at exhibitions and product launches.

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MonstaBag ( ), a Division of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), specializes in manufacturing Flexible Intermediary Bulk Containers (FIBC) such as dump bottom dumpster debris removal bags and bulk bags for transporting non-dangerous chemicals.

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Floodblock (, a Division of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), specializes in using innovative engineered solutions to protect communities from the devastating impact that floods have on critical infrastructure, lifestyle and the economy. Floodblock is dedicated to using water filled barrier systems to help communities with a wide range of hydrologic and environmental issues.

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