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Sports Centers

The production of sports covers with a supporting arch-shaped structure can satisfy every possible customer requirement thanks to the numerous personalized solutions available, always maintaining all of the technical-quality characteristics of the Kopron standard warehouses. The main sports activities that use the arch-shaped covers include tennis, football, volley ball and basket ball.

A wide range of variations and optional accessories, strictly dedicated to their end use allows for any sports requirement to be completely satisfied: floorings with synthetic grass, side walls for fast football training, heating, use of anti-condensation insulated curtains, lighting systems, protection nets for athletes and the structures installed. 


Step into the world of top-notch sports fabric structures and centers with A.C.E. Structures, your premier destination for innovative and high-performance solutions. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we provide state-of-the-art sports facilities that cater to the unique needs of athletes, spectators, and sports enthusiasts alike.






Kopron is an Italian company and their lead-time is typically 4-6 weeks to manufacture and an additional 4-6 weeks to ship via sea freight, Ex Genoa, Italy.  

Our Sports Models have several unique features that give it a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar storage units including:

         •Made to order and full customization for each customer’s specific needs

         •Strength, durability & safety steel & fabric warehouses are extremely robust. These structures are engineered to with standard 30lbs                   per square foot of snow load ratings and up to 111mph wind load ratings.

         •Both fabrics are flame, rip, water and mildew resistant.

         •Warranty: Kopron offers 10 years on the Frame, 6 years (sliding scale) on the PVC Covers.

         •Offers their users a quick and efficient solution, as they can be ordered, manufactured and installed in about 75-90 days.

The quality of a product can be guaranteed only if the manufacturer’s corporate strategy aims at marketing a product that responds to precise requirements in terms of sturdiness, reliability, appearance, pricing, and compliance with regulations.

In recent years, KOPRON has endeavored to improve and enlarge its manufacturing facilities, investing heavily in management, IT and purchasing three new production plants. In addition, greater importance has been given to choosing the best materials and establishing trade relations with quality-certified suppliers like Ace Structures.

The result, a range of competitive, versatile products that are the best on the market:

Customers who turn to KOPRON and Ace Structures can be sure to find:


        • qualified consulting through a country-wide specialized sales network.
        • customized design carried out by an engineering division that can find the ideal solution to the most complicated requirements, including
           extra-large dimension and difficult installation sites.
        • accurate construction performed by motivated personnel using the finest materials.
        • installation and testing carried out by expert assembly teams after-sales service & spare parts.

Our Manufacturer

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