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Our Retractable warehouses are specifically designed to make the most efficient use of space & provide the maximum level of flexibility. These warehouses can not only be used to create expandable storage spaces and allow cranes to lift goods directly from the warehouse floor, but they can also create bridges between buildings that can be retracted when need be to allow vehicles to pass through.

Retractable warehouses have several unique features that give them a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar storage units including:

  • high degree of retractability with up to 72% of deployed length (automatic or manual operation)

  • customized storage capacity that is fully modular & customized to meet your size requirements.

  • strength, durability & safety our retractable warehouses meet the following minimum specifications:

    • wind resistance: 100 mph

    • snow load:  30 lbs. per square foot

    • frame: galvanized steel

    • fabric: 22 oz rip resistant polyvinyl chloride 
      class 2 fire retardant 
      mold & mildew proof 
      resistant to 100,000 folds 
      *can be customized to withstand greater wind speeds & snow loads


Frame: Galvanized Steel


​Fabric: 22 oz rip resistant PVC class 2 fire retardant mold & mildew proof resistant to 100,000 folds 


High degree of retractability with up to 72% of deployed length

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