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Automatic vehicle restraint

The new K1-CALEMATIC system represents an automatic and efficient solution for safety of vehicles and people during loading/unloading operations.

Easy to use, K1-CALEMATIC guarantees the truck immobilization during loading and unloading operations, avoiding unexpected departures or movements.

The usual working procedure is next:

  • K1-CALEMATIC can be operated (truck locking or unlocking) only if the dock leveler is in the rest position and the sectional door is closed

  • The sectional door can only be opened if the K1-CALEMATIC system is in the locked position (truck locked)

  • The dock leveler can only be operated if the K1-CALEMATIC system is in the locked position (truck locked)


This working procedure makes it impossible for the truck the sudden exit before the end of the loading/unloading operations.

An easy-to-use product

  • The chocks are activated via a single control panel

  • No tools are needed to remove the chocks

  • The plant is able to work in any weather condition

  • Low maintenance costs (no motor or bearings to grease, no chains or pinions)

  • A visual check is sufficient to guarantee the correct functioning of the system


This system consists of 2 parallel pits per loading bay, on the two sides of the trucks, in which 1 row of single wheel chocks is installed for each pit.

The truck is locked thanks to the pneumatic lifting of the chocks near the wheels. In this way, any accidental movement of the vehicle is avoided.

The chocks are high and effective so as to ensure the blockage of the vehicles, but do not interfere with the mudguards or other equipment of the trucks.


K1-CALEMATIC - Work phases

Waiting for Truck


Wheel Detection



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