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Calematic Vehicle Restraint Systems

Vehicle restraint systems for loading dock safety

The automatic vehicle restraints represent a further step in research for safety of vehicles docked at loading bays during loading/unloading operations. The Kopron loading bay equipment was conceived to guarantee and reinforce the security of loading systems and people's safety by limiting risks of accidents that generally occur during transshipment begins. Vehicle restraint systems are at the forefront when it comes to comply with standards in force.

Avoid risks during loading and unloading operations

Unexpected departure of the truck:

  • Progressive movement of the trailer

  • Unexpected departure of the truck and falling over of the forklift driver cause of no communication between the bay operator and the truck driver

  • Progressive movement of the lorry and fall over of the forklift driver

Main advantages of loading dock safety systems

Immobilize all types of trailers:

  • Simple and reliable

  • Make the operation automatic

  • Can be installed in any conditions (new building, existing levelers and wheel guides...)

  • Simple preventive and curative maintenance

  • Enslavement with the loading bay door

kopron-loading-dock-safety (1).jpg

Kopron proposes three models with automatic vehicle restraint system, K-AUTOBLOCK, K1-CALEMATIC and K2-CALEMATIC, and one model with manual vehicle restraint, K-EASYBLOCK. Find out more below!


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