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Retractable Warehouse Installation in California - March 2022

A.C.E. Structures installed a Model KT retractable steel and fabric structure measuring 24' wide x 58' long with a clear height of 16' in California Rocket testing site at Edwards AFB. The structure is equipped with PVC sliding curtains at both ends for easy access as well as four man doors.


The customer had the following comments on their structure post installation:  " Ace Structure’s entire team from the initial conception of the project through the ordering, installation and testing were phenomenal.  They supported us in finding the best solution for our project’s application every step of the way.  The installation team arrived about a day after the structure and surpassed our expectations on the erection timeframe from start to finish.  We would absolutely purchase more of these Retractable structures in the future from Ace!"


Due to the highly classified nature of the site no photos are able to be shared

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