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Retractable Warehouse Installation -New Mexico - 2015

A.C.E. Structures has installed a 6,500 square foot Retractable Structure, with front and rear curtains and three pedestrian doors in the South West Mesa lands of the four corners region, where the Facebook team met up for the first flight test of Aquila after years of hard work.

The frame of the structure is made from hot galvanized steel beams, while the roof and both sides are made of a sturdy flame retardant PVC material.

The dimensions of the Retractable structure have been made to facilitate work onsite of this futuristic drone. This retractable structure has been specifically laid on special elevated 1' high tracks in order to avoid desert sand and dust from obstructing the retraction and sliding mechanism of the structure.

Aquila is powered by solar energy built from carbon fiber, with a wing span similar to that of a Boeing 737 and weighing only 900 pounds. After having been designed with attention to even the smallest of details, the Aquila drone has passed the first functional test by flying for approximately 90 minutes and consuming only 2,000 Watts of energy, comparable to the power of 3 hairdryers. The result to be achieved in the near future is to fly the drone for at least 90 consecutive days, allowing the laser communication system fitted on it to provide data 10 times quicker than the standard systems we currently have in place. The laser is so accurate that it can aim at a coin from a distance of 10 miles.

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