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Our Fixed warehouse model is specifically designed to help you safely store and retrieve large quantities of merchandise with maximum efficiency while lowering your operating costs.


The Fixed Warehouse Model has several unique features that give it a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar storage units including:

  • fully customized storage capacity

  • strength, durability & safety steel & fabric warehouses are extremely robust. They are built to meet the following minimum specifications:

    • wind resistance: 100 mph 

    • snow load: 30 lbs. per square foot

    • frame: galvanized steel

    • fabric: 22 oz rip resistant polyvinyl chloride 
      class 2 fire retardant 
      mold & mildew proof 
      resistant to 100,000 folds 

    • *can be customized to withstand greater wind speeds & snow loads


Single Slope Side Warehouses
The side single slope warehouses are designed so as to drain rain water from the opposite site of the building only,
with the objective of reducing costs of the conveying plants of the water itself.
Side Mounted Warehouses
These side warehouse extensions are available in a single-slope or double-slope version. They are fitted to the side, alongside the walls of the existing buildings, protruding towards the service area or the property borders.

The side structures have a side, running along the length, closed by the supporting structure and by the cover curtain, as well as a roof, while the other side runs along the wall of the building, allowing for direct access from the building itself.
Front Mounted Warehouses
The Kopron front warehouse extensions allow for the creation of an extra covered area in front of the buildings that can be used on a temporary or permanent basis; they are fitted onto the front of the building and extend towards the service area.

There are numerous advantages offered by this structure, such as being able to use a covered area for the storage of goods and the guarantee of being able to work in a covered area for the loading and unloading of goods without occupying internal area
Open Double Sided Warehouses
The double side warehouses are installed by inserting them in between the walls of two existing buildings, a characteristic that allows for the passage of vehicles in four directions, meeting at right angles, with no continuous walls on any side.

According to this characteristic, the Kopron double side warehouses can be easily connected to two buildings, so as to make the passage between them adequately protected from the rain, in the meantime creating a covered area suitable for storage.
Industrial Canopies
The Kopron industrial canopies are installed frontally, just before main doors or the walls of existing buildings, overhanging towards the service area; in this way a covered structure is created to protect passages and the movement of goods from the rain.

The Kopron canopies are characterised by the fact that they do not have any support on the ground and therefore there is no interference by obstacles of any kind to the vehicles moving around or below the loading/unloading area.
Connected Warehouses
The Kopron connecting warehouses, commonly known as canopies, are installed in between two main entrances of overlooking buildings, even if they are at quite a distant, and connect them.

Apart from offering total protection from the rain, they create a totally accessible tunnel in between two connected doors, so as to maintain the temperature of the departments at the fixed comfort levels.

If necessary, the warehouse can be retracted against the walls of the building.
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