All of our Fixed warehouse models are specifically designed to help you safely store and retrieve large quantities of merchandise with maximum efficiency while lowering your operating costs.

At ACE work with two manufacturers for fixed structures, Kopron & Britespan, both produce steel framed units with fabric covers. 


Kopron is an Italian company and their lead-time is typically 4-6 weeks to manufacture and an additional 4-6 weeks to ship via sea freight, Ex Genoa, Italy.  Britespan is located on the Continental United States. Their lead time is typically 4 weeks to manufacture and anywhere from 7-10 business days approximately for shipping across the United States.


Both Kopron & Britespans Fixed Warehouse Models have several unique features that give it a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar storage units including:

  • Made to order and full customization for each customers specific needs

  • Strength, durability & safety steel & fabric warehouses are extremely robust. These structures are engineered to with standard 30lbs per square foot of snow load ratings and up to 111mph wind load ratings.

  • Warranty: Kopron offers 10 years on the Frame, 6 years (sliding scale) on the PVC Covers. Britespan offers 16 years on their structures.

  • Both options offer their users a quick and efficient solution, as they can be ordered, manufactured and installed in about 75-90 days.